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Does AC Maintenance Really Matter?

Regular AC Maintenance Reduces Energy Bills and is Required by Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Many homeowners and property owners don’t think much about servicing their air conditioning until something goes wrong. However, regular maintenance for your air conditioning is extremely important. According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, regular AC maintenance can reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%. Preventive maintenance also helps ensure that your AC system runs at peak efficiency. This can mean savings of up to 30% on your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

If your unit is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, without proof of regular maintenance your manufacturer warranty may be voided. A voided warranty could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if your AC breaks or needs repairs. Furthermore, a lack of consistent AC maintenance makes it much more likely that something will go wrong sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, AC units that haven’t received appropriate maintenance are most likely to experience problems when they’re under stress during the hot Arizona summer.

Protect your AC with regular maintenance

By having your AC unit checked twice a year, you can maintain your manufacturer’s warranty and make it much more likely that your AC will have a long life cooling your home or office. These checks also ensure that nothing is likely to go wrong as the days get hotter during the summer, so you will be less likely to need to deal with a disruptive and potentially dangerous AC emergency.

Beware of other AC technicians that act more like salespeople

Unfortunately, far too many unscrupulous AC companies may take regular maintenance checks as an opportunity to try to sell you a new unit. They may tell you that your AC will stop working during the heat of summer, when the heat may make it unbearable or even dangerous for you to stay in your home without air conditioning. They may also say that they don’t fix older units because they are not worth fixing.

They’ll likely go on to tell you that you should purchase a new AC unit now to prevent yourself from having to deal with an emergency later on. This dire warning is often paired with a claim that you can receive a great deal on a new unit if you purchase one now.

If you hear a warning like this, get a second opinion. can tell you if there’s really anything wrong with your AC or not. All you have to do is look through our reviews to see the many instances in which we have reassured customers that their AC unit only needed minor maintenance or repairs when another company had told them that they needed an entirely new unit. Our goal is to make you our customer for life. We’re confident that when you really do need a new unit you’ll come to us.

Consider a maintenance plan to reduce costs and extend your AC’s life

Our maintenance plans can set your mind at ease and save you a lot of money because you can manage your budget without fear of expensive repair bills. Plus, regular twice-annual maintenance checks are included in the cost of all our maintenance plans, which also saves you significant money every year. Furthermore, the unused balance of the money you spend on a maintenance plan will go towards the cost of a new AC unit for the day that your AC does finally give out. Our most popular maintenance plan is our Platinum Plan, which also includes guaranteed same-day repair service (our goal is within the hour). Our customers really appreciate this fast service when it’s sweltering outside.

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